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Covid-19 Temporary Shutdown

Arthur Murray Lincolnshire Dance CenterTo our Beloved Arthur Murray Family,

We have made the very difficult decision to TEMPORARILY close the Lincolnshire and Whitefish Bay studios.

It was an emotional decision for us all. You all know we live for spreading the love of dance every day, and it breaks our hearts that we cannot be there to dance, laugh and party with you in the studio during these tough times. The decision to close was not taken lightly. But after long and careful consideration, we believe it is the right decision for everyone. The COVID-19 situation is ever evolving. No one really knows how the curve will play out, so we can only guess when we might re-open. The most optimistic guess would be April 1st, but it will depend on how things develop.


What the world needs now is everything Arthur Murray stands for: Love, Laughter, Community, Support, Positive Vibes and DANCE! Arthur Murray Teams all over the world are coming up with creative ways to safely interact with students. Your Lincolnshire and Whitefish Bay Teams will post videos daily to help keep everyone heathy, happy and DANCING until this storm blows over. Be sure to “Like/Follow” BOTH pages (Arthur Murray Dance Center Whitefish Bay AND Arthur Murray Lincolnshire) so you don’t miss out on any content. Here are the links to the pages:

Here are some things to look for on our Facebook Pages:

  • Staff tutorials on staying healthy, covering topics such as stretching, yoga, strengthening, cardiovascular health, diet, meditation, breathing and more
  • Dance tips for you to practice at home
  • Video Group Classes

Arthur Murray Lincolnshire Dance CenterPlease keep an eye on our Facebook pages for updates, as this will be a constantly evolving process. Content will get better and better over time 🙂 If you have any ideas for ways we can help YOU, please email us your suggestions. We will do our best to accommodate.

The family and community of Arthur Murray Lincolnshire and Whitefish Bay is made up of the strongest, most caring, most creative, and most positive team of instructors and students ever assembled. We are the AVENGERS of the dance world! Together, we can make it through anything. The outpouring of support and solidarity from students has been staggering, and your instructors have been absolutely AMAZING, like warriors pushing ahead with confidence and determination. We couldn’t ask for a better team.

When this is all over be assured, Arthur Murray Lincolnshire and Arthur Murray Whitefish Bay will come back stronger and better than ever! Thank you all so much for your continued support and patronage. We will see you all again soon!

“And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”~ Marianne Williamson

  • Stay Safe
  • Stay Healthy
  • Stay Connected

With Love and Gratitude,
Bryan, Cha Cha, Zach, Ying and your Arthur Murray Lincolnshire and Whitefish Bay Teams

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