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Dance classes

Dance classes are beneficial for your mental and physical well-being. There are several styles with many exciting variations. Our professional dance instructors will help you choose the dance lessons best suited to your personality, special occasion and your individual needs. Here are some of the lessons we offer.

Smooth And Standard Dance Classes

The terms smooth and standard refer to the classic ballroom dances of waltz, foxtrot, tango, Viennese waltz and quickstep. The foxtrot is one of the smoothest dances and is often referred to as the Rolls Royce of this category. It’s also one of the most romantic dances and requires languid, yet simple movements. This dance is a unique combination of quick and slow actions to fit the music. The slower steps use two beats, and the faster ones use a single beat. Our dance instructors will help you perfect the art of this smooth dance.

Rhythm And Latin Dance Lessons

Rhythm and Latin styles refer to a wide variety of dances ranging from competitive cha-cha to club-style salsa. The merengue originates from the Dominican Republic and is the easiest Latin dance to learn. Master this and you’ll be the center of attention at any party. First popularized in the 19th century, it was originally called the merengue tipico. Its unique fundamental step is executed in a 4/4-time sequence. Learning the merengue will build a strong foundation to allow you to master many other Latin dances.


Specialty Dance Classes

As dancing has evolved, many dances – which do not fit into traditional categories – have become popular. Those include hustle, nightclub two-step, the peabody, zouk and many others. We call them specialty dances. The nightclub two-step was first popularized in the 1960s. It comes in many variations and borrows patterns from other dances. The nightclub two-step also includes swing moves such as the inside turn, the waist slide and chained inside turns. You can turn up the heat by adding romantic elements, including dipping your partner.

Book your personalized dance classes with our friendly staff today and embark on a journey of learning, fitness and fun.

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