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Picking The Right Song For Your First Dance Song

Wedding DanceWhen you search for wedding dance songs on Google, millions of results pop up. With so many great possibilities out there, how can you ever choose just one? Don’t worry, you will. It just takes some time to pick out the perfect one. To help you get started, the Arthur Murray Lincolnshire Dance Center has a list of popular first dance songs already compiled for you. Better yet, the melody and lyrics of these songs all go fantastically with ballroom dance. Here are tips that might be able to help you narrow down the song selection even further.

Do the Lyrics Have Meaning?

No two love stories are the same, so not every song is going to be a good fit. As you go through the options, make sure you pay attention to the lyrics. Does the song express how you feel about each other? If not, move on to the next one. When the lyrics mean something to you, it will only make the moment that much more special for both of you, and everyone watching will be able to pick up on the emotion flowing through the room.

Is the Song a Part of Your Story?

A good place to start looking for wedding songs is to think about songs you already love. For example, is there a certain song that makes you both shout “That’s our song!” every time it comes on the radio? Think back to songs you might have danced to at prom or to songs from shows or movies that you both love. Picking one that’s played such an important role in your relationship would be the perfect way to celebrate your love on your wedding day.

Is It a Song You Can Dance To?

The beat is just as important as the lyrics because it determines which dances can be matched with your song. Wedding couples today choose everything from classic artists like Frank Sinatra to contemporary singers like Adele. Whether you prefer a slow romantic dance, a fast and fun dance or a combination of the two, our team of expert instructors can help you create your perfect first dance.

What Genre Do You Like?

There are multiple wedding songs for every genre. On our list, you’ll find everything from jazz and R&B to rock and roll, contemporary and country. Whatever your musical taste, you can be sure there is a dance that will be a perfect match. Sometimes wedding couples select a dance that doesn’t work for dancing. Rest assured that our experienced instructors will steer you toward a similar song that works better as your first dance.

Can You Visualize It?

When you picture your first dance, how does it look? Do you picture the lights down low, holding your partner as you sway to the music with all your friends and family watching? Does that feel right for you and your partner? Does it capture the emotion you want to convey? If it makes you tear up just picturing it, then you’ve found the perfect song! But maybe, that’s not your style. Maybe you would rather put on an exciting, entertaining or even funny show for everyone. Every couple has their own style. Whether you want to make your audience cry or laugh, we can help creative the perfect picture for you.

Hang Onto Your Favorites

After you’ve made your final pick, don’t throw away the runner ups just yet. You can always play them throughout the reception as slow dance songs that all the guests can dance to. That way, you still get to incorporate them on your special day.

Sign Up for Dance Lessons

Make sure you’re ready for your first dance as newlyweds by taking wedding dance lessons at Arthur Murray Lincolnshire Dance Center. We can help you pick out a song and teach you everything you need to know for a beautiful dance, from basic footwork to elegant dips and turns. Call 847-821-9321 to sign up and schedule your first class here in Lincolnshire, IL.

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