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Group Dance LessonGroup lessons are a pivotal part of any dance program. They give you an opportunity not only to learn new material, but more importantly, they allow you to practice what you’ve learned on your personal lessons. Since you want to become a comfortable and natural dancer, repetition is vital. Another benefit of group classes is to dance with multiple partners at different skill levels.

Why Take Group Dance Lessons?

It’s easy to overlook the idea of group classes when personal dance lessons are available. But there are a host of benefits that make participating in group classes – in addition to your personal lessons – an excellent choice for any blossoming dancer. Here are just a few reasons to consider group dance classes at Arthur Murray in Lincolnshire, Illinois.

  • Improve Your Adaptability: Dancing with a single, familiar partner is comfortable. But if you’ve danced with only one person, you may be surprised how different it feels dancing with someone else. Every dancer is different. Dancing with a variety of partners allows you to develop a level of adaptability that will eventually allow you to feel comfortable dancing with any partner at nearly any level.
  • Meet New People: Studies have shown that continuing to be social and interacting with new people helps improve your level of happiness and your general longevity. Group dance classes are an excellent chance to meet new people and build lasting relationships. Our group classes feature welcoming environments and dancers at similar skill levels, so you will feel more comfortable.
  • Build Confidence: Building your dancing skills in the company of others can bolster your confidence, and that sort of courage is helpful when it finally comes time to dance in public.
  • Perfect for Practice: Most group dance lessons, including those at Arthur Murray Lincolnshire Dance Center, involve plenty of review and practice. Dancing with a variety of unfamiliar partners will help you become a better dancer.


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