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We are OPEN!
For Personal Lessons by Appointment Only

It’s time to get out in the world and start living again.
It’s time to dance!

The Arthur Murray Dance Center of Lincolnshire is proud to announce that we will reopen on Friday, May 29th. We can’t wait to share the Arthur Murray dance experience with our students again! It is also our commitment to keep everyone safe and healthy while we get the world dancing again.

Arthur Murray Lincolnshire Dance Center

We have put in place the following protocols to keep our students and staff members safe:

  • We will teach physically distanced in-studio Personal Lessons from Tuesday to Saturday.
  • The capacity of the dance studio will be set at no more than 10 people – including staff – at any time.
  • Our weekly group classes and Friday night dance parties and will still be conducted virtually.
  • Private Virtual Lessons will continue for those who prefer to learn to dance from home.
  • The studio has been divided into sections to make sure there is a minimum of 6 feet between dancers at all times. We have a lot of dance floor, so dancers will have the option of keeping between 10 and 15 feet of distance from others.
  • If ANYONE is feeling sick, not well, or showing any symptoms of illness, they MUST NOT enter the studio.
  • All teachers must wear face masks when students are in the studio. Students are requested to do the same.
  • Upon entering the studio, students are required to either thoroughly wash their hands or use hand sanitizer. Do not pass go. Do not put on dance shoes. Wash hands FIRST.
  • The physical distancing guidelines – requiring six feet between each person – will be followed at all times for the time being.
  • Between every lesson, the touch surfaces and common areas of the studio will be disinfected.
  • Any student or prospective student who has any doubt as to whether or not it is safe for them to attend personal lessons at the studio should ask their Doctor. A copy of these protocols can be supplied by request.

Since ballroom dancing is about creativity and innovation, we have devised several fun and exciting ways to teach and dance while observing the guidelines of physical distancing.

We are so happy that we can dance with you again in person! Our goal has always been to change lives through dancing, while providing an inviting and comfortable atmosphere in our studio. As we re-enter this new world, we must now also do what we can to keep everyone safe while we do it.

Come Dance With Us! Call us TODAY at 847-821-9321 to make your appointment.

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