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Smooth and Standard Dance Lessons


Man and Woman Dancing Tango in Silhouette There is no better feeling than gliding effortlessly across a ballroom floor while dancing a waltz, fox trot or tango. These smooth and standard dances are some of the most classic examples of ballroom dancing. They exemplify timeless grace and style and you can master them at the Arthur Murray Lincolnshire Dance Center. Sign up for lessons today and experience these classic ballroom dances for yourself.

What are Smooth and Standard Dances?

When we’re talking about classic ballroom, we’re actually talking about International Standard and American Smooth. Both styles include waltz, foxtrot, tango and Viennese waltz with the addition of quickstep in Standard. In International Standard, the partners remain in closed dance position throughout the entire routine. In American Smooth, couples dance in both closed and open positions.

All five dances bring something different to the dance floor. You might find that you love the intensity of tango, or that a graceful, sweeping waltz is your favorite. Whatever style you wish to practice, you can learn them all at the Arthur Murray Lincolnshire Dance Center.

Learning Classic Ballroom

When you enter the ballroom to learn these smooth or standard dances, you’ll get to work with a team of experienced, certified instructors. All of our instructors use the unique Arthur Murray teaching methods, which are designed to make dancing fun and easy to learn for people of all ages and skill levels. You’ll start out by learning balance, rhythm, posture and some basic steps before moving on to more complicated movements.

Soon, you and your partner will be dancing across the floor with grace and beauty. With the Arthur Murray inter-related system, you can apply all you’ve learned in smooth and standard to learning other fun styles such as cha cha, rumba, swing and salsa.

Discover Ballroom Dancing Today

Whether dancing is new to you or you’re looking to build on your dance skills, the instructors at Arthur Murray Lincolnshire Dance Center want to help. You will learn everything you need to know to enjoy partner dancing for years to come. Contact us today to sign up for lessons, and don’t forget to take advantage of our new student offer.

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