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Why Take Wedding Dance Lessons

Couple Dancing At WeddingWhen you and your partner take the floor at your wedding, time stands still. Together, you take in every moment of the experience creating a memory that will last forever. This moment is one of the highlights of your wedding that you will cherish for years to come. To ensure you enjoy every moment of your first dance, Arthur Murray Lincolnshire Dance Center offers wedding dance lessons to help you feel confident and comfortable as the music starts to play. Here are just a few reasons to schedule your first lesson today.

If You’re Both First-Time Dancers

If you’ve ever seen an impressive first dance at a wedding, you might assume the couple has been dancing together for a long time. That might be the case, but there’s also a good chance that they took wedding dance lessons to prepare for their special day. We personalize every aspect of your lessons, paying special attention to your wedding song, learning styles and dance experience. Our team of experienced instructors guide you through the steps you’ll need to comfortably move to the music. At Arthur Murray Lincolnshire Dance Center, our instructors teach at your pace, allowing you to master the basics before moving on to more complicated steps to provide every dancer with a strong foundation.

To Feel Confident

There are so many things that can make you nervous on your wedding day. Your first dance as a couple shouldn’t be one of them. To reduce your stress and to make you more comfortable, the Arthur Murray Lincolnshire Dance Center suggests starting dance lessons well in advance of your wedding. With guidance from fun, supportive instructors who tailor each lesson to your song, you’ll quickly build skills and feel more confident in your dancing ability. When you take your partner’s hand, you can focus on enjoying this important moment rather than worrying about how to dance.

To Wow Your Guests

No matter how you dance at your wedding, your guests are happy to celebrate with you. But when the bride and groom turn the first dance into a show-stopping spectacle, it’s something friends and family will remember fondly for years to come. Dazzle guests with the elegance of a sophisticated waltz, or impress them with a fast-paced foxtrot. This is also a great opportunity to show off a specialty dance in a style of music you’re both passionate about, such as country western, Latin or swing.

To Have Fun and Relax

Wedding planning can be stressful. There’s so much to take care of and often very little time. During the weeks leading up to the big day, it’s easy to find yourself spending less and less time with your spouse even as you prepare for the ultimate celebration of your love. Scheduling wedding dance lessons provides a simple way to take a little extra time for each other. You’ll have fun learning something new and take pride in building skills you can enjoy together for years to come. Plus, physical activity is a great way to reduce stress!

Schedule Your Wedding Dance Lessons Today

When you look back on your wedding, the first dance is sure to become an unforgettable memory. Be prepared to enjoy it to the fullest with wedding dance lessons from Arthur Murray Lincolnshire Dance Center. Contact us today to schedule your first lesson and learn more about our new student offer. We’re conveniently located behind Walgreens at 175 Olde Half Day Road, Suite 300, in Lincolnshire, IL 60069.

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