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Taking up Dancing as a Hobby


Ballroom Dancers In The StudioHow many times have you asked yourself the question, why don’t I learn to dance? It’s so easy to make excuses to ourselves like: Who would I dance with? Where would I dance? I don’t have time. Or what would people think. Maybe you were attracted to the idea of dancing as a hobby for its physical and mental health benefits. Or maybe you were craving a new form of self-expression. No matter what’s stopped you in the past, it’s never too late to learn how to dance. At Arthur Murray Lincolnshire Dance Center, we offer dance lessons to people of all ages and skill levels. Singles and couples are welcome. Our team of expert instructors will always start you at the level most comfortable for you.

Learning to Dance Will Help You Build Confidence

Whenever we take up any hobby, our confidence grows as we improve. In addition to helping you build confidence in your abilities, learning to dance will give you more confidence in any social situation. Our inter-related system of teaching ensures that as you grow from the beginner level forward, you will feel comfortable in your abilities and your progression. Lessons will also increase your confidence for meeting and dancing with other people.

Dancing is a Hobby That’s Good for Your Health

Dancing is one of the most fun and fulfilling ways to take care of your body and mind. Besides improving your metabolism and helping to keep a healthy body, dancing as a hobby strengthens your muscles and bones, improves your flexibility and posture, and helps keep your heart healthy. Dancing can range from being low-impact aerobic activity to high intensity exercise. Studies have also shown that dancing not only helps delay age-related cognitive issues, such as memory loss, but it can also help with the treatment of patients with dementia.  Simply put – learning to dance and keeping up your dancing skills by making dance a hobby is good for your brain and body.

Taking Up Dancing Can Improve Your Social Life

When you take a dance class at Arthur Murray Lincolnshire Dance Center, you will meet new people. Everyone learns to dance for different reasons. But what they all have in common is they are in the studio to have fun, meet new people and dance, dance, dance. Dance is one of those unique activities where individual learning and shared learning combine to create a sense of community that can last a lifetime. Through this one shared interest, you may meet people with different backgrounds and perspectives, which can open up exciting new opportunities for personal growth that you never imagined possible. There’s a reason we say, “dancing changes lives.”

Discover the Excitement of Dancing at Arthur Murray Lincolnshire Dance Center

Arthur Murray Lincolnshire Dance Center offers expert instruction in a wide variety of dance styles. We have something for every taste and skill level, including rhythm and Latin dances, such as salsa and swing, and standard and smooth dances, such as the waltz and tango. If country western dances pique your interest, we can teach you those, too. Contact us today to set up your first dance lesson by calling 847-821-9321 or stopping by our location at 175 Olde Half Day Road, Suite 300 in Lincolnshire.

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